Extra Thick Clear PVC Table Protector

Buying Guide

So, you have a fabulous table and a beautiful home, you need to protect the table top but do not want to compromise the room styling; at Blue Jigsaw we have just the product for you, Extra Thick Clear PVC Table Protector.

The product is 1.5mm thick so provides very good physical protection to the table top surface. As with all Vinyl PVC products heat protection is up to 90c.

Extra Thick Clear Protector is usually cut to the size of the table top.

Some things to consider before making a purchase:

1- the product comes in four variants. Clear PVC, Embossed plain Austen Embossed with Nightingale pattern, Embossed with Bronte pattern. With the embossed product the the underside of the table protector is finely embossed and the top surface is smooth. The maximum width of Clear PVC is 120cm, the maximum width of Austen, Nightingale and Bronte is 100cm.

2- the Clear PVC variant, when used on glass table tops and light coloured table tops, will show air bubbles under the surface; in this situation we recommend using the embossed PVC variant, this will not show any trapped air bubbles.

3- product shrinkage. Due to the higher level of PVC raw material in the product, Extra Thick Clear Table Protectors experience a small amount of shrinkage in the product length but not the width. Most of the shrinkage takes place when the product is cut in our workshop but we still make a small allowance in the product length for additional shrinkage. We vary the amount of extra length provided on each order depending on the actual product length ordered.

4- when ordering Extra Thick PVC Rectangles, Squares and Ovals order product size that fits your table top size; we will make the adjustment for any shrinkage allowance in our workshop.

5 - when ordering Extra Thick PVC Round the table protector is cut to the exact size ordered so the product will experience a small amount of shrinkage after cutting. Embossed products (Austen, Nightingale and Bronte) experience less shrinkage compared to the Clear PVC product, so it is worth considering the embossed product for circular table protectors.

6 - outside use. We don not recomend Extra Thick Table Protectors to be used on a permanent basis outdoors. Moisture between the table and the product, along with direct sunlight UV exposure will cause product detorioration and additional product shrinkage. The amount of shrinkage will vary and it is not a precise calculation. For Rectangle, Square and Oval shaped table protectors customers should add at least an additional 1.5cm in length for every 1m of product length purchased. For round protectors add an extra 2 cm in diameter.

7 - Extra Thick Clear Table Protectors are despatched rolled inside a cardboard postal tube, sealed with end caps. So, open the cardboard tube carefully and you can use the tube for ongoing storage of your product when not in use on the table top.

8 - Extra Thick Clear PVC is a solid slab of PVC, so this will place a non breathable layer onto your table top, similar to a glass overlay. Avoid using the PVC product on recently made / delivered tables that are finished with any form of french polishing or specialised lauquer or wax treatment. Specialised table top treatment finishes may be damaged by placing a permanent non breathable layer on top. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of using a clear PVC layer on your table you should not use the product.