Duni Elegance Napkins

Premium Airlaid Napkins

If you are looking for the best possible quality, luxury, premium airlaid paper napkin then there is only one product to consider - Duni Elegance napkins. The napkins exude class from the moment you take them out of the packet.

Blue Jigsaw sells Elegance napkins in small packs of 10, packs of 40 and full cartons.

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Made from heavy weight airlaid paper, the napkins are finished with a stunning sheen appearance for that extra luxury look and feel. The napkins are heavily embossed in two different patterns, each pattern has its own product name.

Duni Elegance Crystal is embossed with a regular geometric pattern making it more suitable for business and corporate style functions.

Duni Elegance Lily is embossed with a floral design making it more appealing for banquets, weddings and home use.

Both Elegance designs are available in 40cm x 40cm and 48cm x 48cm, the larger size being ideal for formal functions. There is a wider colour choice available in the Duni Elegance design 40cm size. Within the product range the 40cm x40cm Duni Elegance Lily white is a very popular choice with our customers.

Many people may not have experienced using Elegance napkins before and you may on first impression think you are using a proper linen napkin. As with all Duni napkins, Elegance napkins are made from FSC approved paper, food safe and 100% recyclable.

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