Duni Airlaid Napkins

Dunisoft and Dunilin Napkins

Unlike tissue paper napkins, an airlaid napkin is effectively a solid piece of paper in appearance, so there are no layers of paper in the make up.

Manufacturers use different grades of paper and finishing techniques to create a wide range of product variations. Duni are well known for their comprehensive range of airlaid napkins and are rightly considered to be the market leader in this product area.

The entry level airlaid napkin is called Dunisoft; a smooth soft napkin available in the full range of Duni uni colours and a good selection of printed designs. Dunisoft 40cm x 40cm quarter fold is the top selling product and is widely used in the hospitality sector. Dunisoft napkins are also available in a smaller size, 20cm x 20cm and a larger size 48cm x 48cm but there are some restrictions on the choice of colours, particularly the 48cm size.

The next, better quality, is called Dunilin. Better, and more expensive because the napkin is slightly thicker and heavier in weight. Also, the napkin surface has been finely embossed to create a linen look and feel. The embossed surface feature is a relatively new feature; during this revision period Duni also made the paper quality a little softer in feel. Before the Dunilin upgrade, Dunisoft and Dunilin napkins looked identical and it was the product weight that defined the difference between the two napkin variants.

So, Dunilin or Dunisoft? Most hospitality users (hotels, restaurants etc) will use Dunisoft because they are cheaper, finer establishments will use Dunilin. For home use we always recommend Dunilin. Blue Jigsaw sells Dunisoft and Dunilin napkins in small pack sizes for home use.

So, when Dunisoft or Dunilin napkins just won’t cut the mustard as the saying goes, we go up another level on the quality stakes and we enter into the world of Duni Elegance napkins, which are Duni’s top airlaid napkin. See our separate blog on Duni Elegance napkins.