Duni Napkin Qualities

Duni napkins are made out of paper, no surprise there! But, there are various types and qualities of paper. Duni has a product name for the various types of napkins and have very cleverly incorporated their company name into most of the product names.

There are two principle qualities of paper used in producing paper napkins. Tissue paper and Airlaid paper. Most people are familiar with Tissue paper napkins; they are available in 1 ply, 2 ply, 3 ply and 4 ply. The more layers, or ‘ply’ of paper, the thicker the napkin. Most people have probably used 2 or 3 ply tissue napkins at home. 33cm, quarter folded napkins are often seen in supermarkets. 2 ply napkins are cheaper than 3 ply napkins.

Our Duni Tissue napkin range is laid out by size. So we have categories for Duni 40cm Tissue Napkin, Duni 33cm Tissue Napkin and Duni 24cm Tissue Napkin.

If you are interested in purchasing tissue napkins for home use, we recommend 3 ply tissue quality; you will find most of our 3 ply quality availble to purchase in smaller pack quantites. 2 ply tissue napkins are primarily aimed at commercial users that require a low cost per nakpin for catering purposes.

A lot of supermarkets are now selling cheap packs of tissue napkins, but if you read the pack carefully you will probably see the quality is either 33cm x 33cm 2 ply, or 40cm x 40cm 2 ply. With paper based tissue napkins you generally get what you pay for! Just remember that a 2 ply tissue napkin will be discarded and replaced much quicker than a 3 ply quality napkin, particularly when you are dealing with sticky or greasy type foods.

4 ply napkins are considered to be a premium quality tissue napkins. Duni refer to their 4 ply tissue napkin as ‘Classic’ napkins, available in one size, 40cm x 40cm quarter folded. If you are looking for a really good quality tissue napkin, the Duni Classic napkin range is a good choice; the napkins have an excellent look and feel and are good enough for use during a 3 course meal.

Duni tissue napkins are available in most of the uni colours and a range of printed designs. Duni tissue napkins are available in various sizes, 24cm (cocktail size), 33cm (lunch size) and 40cm (dinner size).

As with all Duni paper napkin products, quality and eco credentials are top class.

For more information on Duni Airlaid napkins, read our separate blog.