Duni Products - The Colour Range

So, just to clarify terminology. When we say ‘uni colour’ we refer to a solid, single colour. When we say ‘design’ we refer to a printed multi colour or uni colour pattern.

The full Duni table top range includes napkins, slip covers (small table covers) table covers, banquet rolls, table runners, placemats, coasters and candles. Each product is generally available in a range of different qualities.

Each year, Duni offer their products in a range of uni colours (usually about 20 colours) and a comprehensive range of printed designs; each design is given a name (for example ‘Sarala’). Using the uni colour palette and a combination of co ordinating designs you can create just about any dining style you fancy.

Each year, the uni colour range is updated, one or two colours will be dropped and then new colours introduced. Occasionally, Duni will keep the uni colour range unchanged for a couple of years. We refer to the ‘old’ uni colours as legacy colours. The colour change will apply to all the products in the Duni range. Within the uni colour range are the core colours, White, Cream, Red, Yellow, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Bordeaux... these colours always stay in the range.

Over the last 20 years, we have lost count how many different uni colour names have come and gone. Once a uni colour has been delisted we generally sell off the legacy stock quickly to allow for the introduction of the new colours.

Designs are refreshed every year, and as a guide, 25% of Duni designs are updated every year. Blue Jigsaw holds good stock of all Duni uni colour products and we also hold most but not all Duni Design napkins in stock. De-listed designs are generally held in stock until the stock is sold. It is therefore not unusual for de-listed designs to be held in stock for quite some time once the design has been de-listed.

As a general rule of thumb, Duni Designs remain in the product range for 2 - 3 years. Depending on the commercial success of a specific design it could be de-listed sooner or retained longer.

Within the Duni Design range of napkins you will always find a classic two tone design; the current design is called Duni Saphira. Duni Saphira is available in a wide range of the uni colours, mainly 40cm x 40cm and is always a popular choice of customers looking for a classic design napkin. Historical names of the classic design napkin include Sarala, Taraz .....

There is one other interesting point to note with Duni Design napkins. Traditionally, Design Airlaid napkins were always made in the Dunilin quality. Since 2020, Duni have decided to produce a greater proportion of the Design range in the slightly cheaper Dunisoft quality and we fully expect this trend to continue. Is this a good or bad decision? Time will tell, however it is worth reminding ourselves that the new Dunilin quality has a fine embossed structure so this may have influenced Duni’s decision to print Designs onto the smoother Dunisoft quality.