Suitable artwork files for printing jobs

Custom printed napkins

Adobe Illustrator (EPS, AI, PDF) file is the preferred file type for you to send us. If accurate colour representation is important to you, use Pantone Spot colours with your artwork, as opposed to CMYK or RGB colour settings. All 'Type' should be converted to Outlines. Artwork created within Adobe Illustrator is known as 'Vector' graphics - which is ideal for us to use.

Bitmap files created in Adobe Photoshop and other software packages (PS, PSD, JPG) can be used however the image resolution needs to be of high enough quality (minimum 300 Pixels Per Inch at 100% scale of the design) to be useable and create satisfactory results.

If the artwork you supply to us by email is unsuitable we will advise you before proceeding with the job. We can offer our studio services to help you create new suitable artwork however this is a chargeable service.

Please note, just because an artwork file is a PDF file, it may still have low resolution artwork contained within the file!!

Artwork files, when formatted correctly for napkin printing, should be no larger than 5 MB in file size.