Acrylic Coated Tablecloths - Edge Finishing

Hem finish or bias binding finish?

Acrylic coated fabric, when used for tablecloths, requires an edge finish otherwise the woven fabric edge will start to fray when in use.

Hem finish - this is where the straight fabric edge is turned over twice to create a '1cm wide hem' - the sewing thread colour used in the hem is colour matched to the base fabric wherever possible. Rectangular and square table covers are finished as standard with a hem finish. Circular and oval shaped tablecloths are not finished with a hem, they are finished with a 'bias binding' edge finish. Customers can choose to have rectangular and square table covers finished with a hem finish or a bias edge finish.

Bias binding edge finish - a 1cm bias edging tape is sewn onto the fabric edge. The colour of the binding tape is selected by us to complement against the colours of the tablecloth. Circular and oval shaped tablecloths are finished as standard with a bias edge finish. Rectangular and square tablecloths can be finished with an optional bias edge finish (instead of hem finish) - we first round off the square corners and then apply the bias edge finish. This creates a more tailored, professional presentation to the tablecloths.